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same thing will probably happen if tyson & oleksandr fight with a rematch clause
For Filip and Zhang? Ones already beaten the horse about not stepping aside but looked horrible. Zhang want's all the heat. Beginning to think that clauses need to come with clauses in some cases . Like maybe manner of victory etc. Much of this feels like a fighter's statement of intent.

They put Mario Barrios in the same interim boat at 147. It wouldn't shock me at this point.
i was initially talking about the ibf stripping the winner of tyson v oleksandr if they fight & have a rematch clause & ordering filip v otto for the vacabt belt. with the wbo who knows. there is currently rumours of aj v otto in december, so the winner could fight filip for the vacant belt. agree on clauses coming with clauses. there are so many things boxing could do to help itself but won't. carlos adames is in the same boat as mario but has been screwed so far