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Thread: Tyson Fury v Joe Joyce

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    Default Tyson Fury v Joe Joyce

    TYSON FURY is "SPENT" and has been urged to avoid Joe Joyce by his sparring partner after complaining about sore arms and elbows.

    Alan Babic can attest to that having shared sparring rounds with the unbeaten WBC champion.

    It has even left Babic warning Fury not to fight Joyce, who is in line to challenge for the world title this year.

    He told iD Boxing: "He’s one of my favourite personas. I was in his camp for one month and he was so good to me and gave me everything.

    "He is a true persona. I think Joe Joyce [doesn’t have that] persona – not even close like Tyson Fury.

    "But Joe Joyce is, in my opinion, a more dangerous guy right now. I think Tyson Fury is more spent, you know?

    "He also said his arms hurt, his elbows, everything. He’s f***ed, in his own words. I think Joe Joyce is that kind of juggernaut, he just doesn’t feel pain.

    "Something like myself. He just doesn’t feel pain, he just goes on. I don’t know if it’s smart for Tyson Fury [to take that fight.]

    "I think that’s the toughest fight, but I will never count Tyson Fury out. He’s the champion and that’s not for nothing.”
    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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    Default Re: Tyson Fury v Joe Joyce

    Tyson arm and elbow took wear and tear for long long time. Time to retire maybe.after one more fight or so.

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