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Thread: RIP Gerrie Coetzee

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    Default RIP Gerrie Coetzee

    rest in paradise
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    The fact is GGG has fought at 160 for his entire career. Post #87, 5th August 2022
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    Also Titofan:

    GGG weighed 163 for the Rolls fight. Post #91, 6th August 2022

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    Default Re: rip gerrie coetzee

    Rip Gerrie. A name from my early boxing days when I started watching as a kid.

    Trying to remember if he was the guy who Bruno sparked out and a commentator at ringside held his head up as it was hanging down beyond the ring apron.
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    Default Re: RIP Gerrie Coetzee

    LEGEND OF THE RING Gerrie Coetzee dead aged 67 – Former world heavyweight champion who clashed with Frank Bruno dies after illness

    BOXING champion Gerrie Coetzee has died aged 67.

    The former world heavyweight champion clashed with the likes of Frank Bruno.

    He also was the first boxer from Africa to fight for, and win, a world heavyweight championship, holding the title from 1983 to 1984.

    He competed from 1974 to 1986 and again in 1993 and 1997.

    And his knockout wins include fighting against Michael Dokes and former unified world heavyweight champion Leon Spinks.

    Coetzee fought against Britain's Frank Bruno in 1986 and was knocked out.

    He had been battling cancer before his death was confirmed on Thursday night.

    Sports blogger Clinton van der Berg said: "A giant has fallen. The Boksburg Bomberhas succumbed to illness.

    "Almost exactly 40 years after his great triumph - winning the WBA heavyweight championship by 10th-round KO against Mike Dokes - Gerrie Coetzee has died aged 67.

    "One of my boyhood heroes. RIP."

    Another fan wrote: "One of my boyhood heroes has passed away. I always think of him when I hear the song - Eye of the Tiger. RIP Gerrie Coetzee."

    South African rugby writer Brendan Nel wrote: "Gerrie Coetzee. A memory from my childhood. 3am get up to watch him box. World heavyweight champ gone. RIP."
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    Default Re: RIP Gerrie Coetzee

    RIP Champ

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