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Thread: I don't like "Mall's" eyes....

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    Default I don't like "Mall's" eyes....

    I can look into Jermall Charlo's eyes. Something is off. They look dead and spaced out. It looks like a man who is either battling with depression or preoccupied with other things in life that is taking his spirit away from him. I prefer not to see him in the ring for another year if his mind/heart is not into it like it should. He would only get hurt and used as canon fodder for other talent. He deserves to fully heal himself. I knew something was off when he is the older and undefeated one but he is the one sounding like a beaten dog when you compare him to the younger twin, Jermell. Jermell sounds like a caged lion with lots of fight in his heart. Whoever did this to Jermall is going to rot in hell before they walk the earth suffering like the sub-human douche they are.
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    Default Re: I don't like "Mall's" eyes....

    If the spark is gone and the fire snuffed out no one is reigniting it but Jermall. If he cannot speak on his 'problems' after two years out than he has not turned the corner. But I'd hardly say he is free of responsibility and negative consequence of his own actions. Who is doing anything to him that they need rot in hell? And a crooked sanctioning body and its mealy mouth puppet master really doing him a favor by keeping him "in the mix" as a title holder. After all his 'trauma and pain' are there eh? Almost exploitation

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