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Thread: Haney vs Garcia

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    Default Re: Haney vs Garcia

    And I thought Ryan was just pretending to be dumb in the lead up

    Ryan should just quit now.

    This is nothing short of criminal intention to cause harm.

    • He should be banned from boxing.
    • He should be brought up on felony assault charges and if found guilty be incarcerated.
    • He should be have his purse and winnings confiscated.
    • He should be sued for millions by Haney's team

    The same thing should be to every combatant in combat sports who wants to intentionally (illegally) cause harm to their opponents. Life is serious and our decisions can have grave consequences and just as their are rewards for doing the right thing. Those who do the wrong thing have to be held to account, in other words they can't get away with it.

    And Ryan is giving the whole Andrew Tate defence "They're out to get me. THE MATRIX !! They're trying to bring me down !!!!

    Ryan couldn't risk taken another L so he said "FK IT" and cheated every way he could & deal with the "bad boy" wrap. That boy had no interest in shooting the fair one.

    Most often these days, athletes are caught with masking agents in their systems. But Ostarine isn't even a masking agent. It is a physical performance enhancing agent and considering that Ostarine prevents muscle catabolism during fat loss by providing energy without causing excessive muscle loss then it's crazy to me that Ryan took Ostarine and STILL couldn't making weight ? That tells me he was stacking it with other banned substances.

    As I say it Ostarine is good for reducing muscle loss when dropping weight. Maybe he wanted to avoid that whole "sudden death" thing people experience with ephedrine or just the overall nastiness people feel with Clen. I think Ostarine during camp is going to become more and more common for anybody making weight.

    And Devin’s dad failed him by letting the fight go through and/or not having a mandatory rehydration limit after the weight issue. He wanted that $1.5m penalty on some street shyt.

    Finally what is with so many Mexican, Mexican/American being caught in the past decade ? Canelo, Nery, Garcia, Margacheato (wraps, not roids), Marquez unofficially, wasn't Oscar Valdez bust too? I'm sure I'm missing another 5 dudes coz I'm drunk, but whenever I read the headlines of a fighter being caught, it's been a Mexican (lol) Not racist, just pointing out what I'm reading/hearing/seeing. Granted Ryan is the most white-washed Mexican ever (dude can't speak a lick of Spanish) but he's still of Mexican origin
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    Default Re: Haney vs Garcia

    ryan will get a slap on the wrist ban at most unfortunately. all this makes a potential rematch that much bigger
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

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    Default Re: Haney vs Garcia

    These Ryan fans in desperation defense act like feral gerbils. Everything from they all do it to the sex traffickers in black helicopters are out to get him. It's all fun and games until you admit to gaming the contract agreement and laugh about being juiced in real time. They may rule Haney a NC but expect nothing but Ryan leaning into the continued idiocy and victim card.

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