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Thread: They are saying Garcia has lost his marbles!

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    Default They are saying Garcia has lost his marbles!

    Are any of you guys hearing that Ryan Garcia has been off on some crazy shit? Did Mayweather's team put the boy on that booger sugar?
    Bigger man George, bigger punch!

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    Default Re: They are saying Garcia has lost his marbles!

    Quote Originally Posted by ykdadamaja View Post
    Are any of you guys hearing that Ryan Garcia has been off on some crazy shit? Did Mayweather's team put the boy on that booger sugar?
    Heard about it that he went on some kind of a strange rampage in a mall and the police had to be called but don't know if that is just rumors I wouldn't trust the Mayweather team

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    Default Re: They are saying Garcia has lost his marbles!

    The real rulers aren't known to the public, and are most likely not even human

    • Does devil worship exist ?
    • Does Ryan have a point ?
    • Do you believe in God ?

    If your answer is yes, than you must also believe in a Devil right?

    Devil worshippers believe that Jesus Christ is a tyrant God and that lucifer is a liberator - that with CERN and other tech, they'll open a portal up to heaven and defeat Jesus Christ and 'be like the Most High'.

    Fold two 50 euro notes like in the video above and it will creates a picture of "Baal"

    "Baal" is a Christian demon who was ranked as the first and principal king in Hell with 66 legions of demons under his command.

    The term "Baal" is used in various ways in the Old Testament, with the usual meaning of master or owner

    This is what the elites actually believe and what many say they're actually doing.

    How can you explain the countless references to satan, the occult and paganism?

    Have you not seen the way public event such as the Superbowl, grammy awards etc. have turned a bit dark over the years? Not to mention the vast number of musicians trowing up and posing with crazy occult symbolism?

    Does the illumanti exist ?

    Well many ppl say they are a real group of people who worship Satan rather then God, there main focus is to kill anyone who practices true worship to God through his Son Jesus Christ. They want the people to obey them rather then God. They convene in secret and strategize on the best way to make more money for themselves while keeping the rest of us under control. They control all the money in the world, the banks are seeded with their members, they control the press, TV, the Internet and all the information that we get fed and are allowed to see.

    I've heard that they're even behind the crazy weather we've been having because what could be more powerful than the being able to control who gets water for their crops and who dies of hunger and thirst and they're behind every war that's ever been since they started in the Middle Ages.

    Wars are very, very big money makers for them.

    It's unknown how many of them there are, but from reading all of the above, knowing how heavily they are involved with The Freemasons, I don't know about you, but I can only draw one conclusion.

    Blood sacrifices exists

    Many people talks like this, secret chambers under the white house, Hillary Clinton eating babies, tunnels between pizza shops to move kids around

    Could it be true ? YES
    Could it be B.S ? YES

    But Ryan bring receipts because this type does nothing but make real child sexual exploitation seem like a farce, and takes away from actual victims of it. There are children out there that this is their actual reality, so don't play and clubhouse games with it Ryan.
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