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Thread: Manny Pacquiao's boxing return

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    Default Manny Pacquiao's boxing return

    Manny Pacquiao's boxing return has been confirmed ahead of a potential world title fight next year.

    The 45-year-old, who last boxed professionally in 2021, hasn't stepped inside a ring since his exhibition bout against DK Yoo in December 2022, but is targeting Mario Barrios and the WBC welterweight title.

    Amid his target, he told ESPN: 'I made history at 40 in beating Keith Thurman and I feel at 45 that I have a lot left in the game as I haven't taken a lot of punishment over the last few years. I want to go out making history.'

    The return would mark a shock match for Pacquiao, with Barrios, 16 years younger than the veteran, suffering just two losses in his 31-fight career to date.

    One of those losses, however, was against Thurman, who Pacquiao beat, and the Filipino's warm-up fight has now been booked in.

    Pacquiao will take on Rizin Fighting Federation featherweight champion Chihiro Suzuki on July 28 in Saitama, Japan, at 150lbs.

    The bout will be held over three three-minute rounds in order to help Pacquiao stay sharp, with the fight given exhibition status.

    'Manny is looking at that option to fight Mario Barrios,' Gibbons told Sky Sports. 'He loves the idea of finishing his career by winning the WBC title. That was his first belt way back.

    'Over the next 2 weeks, we are going to try to make the fight.'

    The belt the pair are targeting was made vacant by the WBC due to Terence Crawford being made a 'champion in recess' due to his inactivity, with Barrios, the interim champions, promoted.

    Barrios won the belt by defeating Ugas on points in September 2023.
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    Default Re: Manny Pacquiao's boxing return

    Really do hope he leaves this alone. Zero need and even less anticipation for an actual return to 147 title picture.

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