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  1. Thanks man! getting up there now, old enough to be president of the US!
  2. Hey Bro, Let me be the first to wish ya a happy birthday for tomorrow, will be off line this weekend otherwise would of started a thread tomorrow, all the best and have a great day !!
  3. lol, and now ya starting threads wanting peeps to play bloody FIFA !?!?! Thankfully she does get on with my daughter, she has a daughter herself which helps, although her daughter can be a git at times. Saying that she is 15, so she's at that age i guess !!
  4. Ha snow, good one......we only get snow once a decade or so, and this is definitely not the year for it. Days are still around 24° C here, it's great. I haven't been doing too much XBOX either, a little of the evil FIFA and that's about it. Glad to hear about the new woman, she get on with your kid ok?
  5. Now then buddy, been a while ! Things are good mate thanks. Got myself a new woman, so not had a chance to get on the x-box of late, how's the snow over your way? lol
  6. Hey man, hows tricks?
  7. Now matey, cheers, had a blinding day, got totally wasted, in fact im still pissed this morning ! lol, great album by the way !
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