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  1. Wwwwwwwwwzupp?!
  2. Andre,

    Do you know what happened to Marbleheadmaui? Someone said he was banned by Fenster, if it's true, i'm wondering why, Marb is a personal friend of mine, so i'm not too fucking happy about it.

    I would appreciate anything you could tell me about this.

  3. Thanks Andre, I appreciate the sticky! Nice old pick-up in your profile pic, if I had a place to put it, I'd have one too.

    I love the new 2010 R/T Dodge Charger I just bought, that 370 HP hemi gets down the road in a hurry when I need to, and I get about 25 MPG on the Hwy.
  4. Thanks Andre, I think i'm going to like it here, it's great little forum.
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