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  1. Damn that's some serious stuff. Glad to know you are well now. Just as long as you try and do the best to stay in shape you'll be fine. If you do ever make it out here to the States shoot me a message. Would be cool to hang out and knock back a pint or five...
  2. Doing ok now, i had a cancer scare this year, my balls were bigger than Kostya's after the Hatton fight! Tests were negative, but it scared the shit out of me though and luckily it was just a bad bladder infection. I'm getting old, i must get back into shape.
    I hope i can get over there again one day, would love to go a fight night somewhere.

  3. Rare photo of Ruben Olivares, Chucho Castillo, Lionel Rose on guitar, Evan Armstrong and Jose Medal
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