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  1. good stuff - section can use an influx of new. I'll do any linking he needs if you aren't around and he needs it.

    thanks again for letting me know.
  2. Yeah Kirk who used to post here ran by me, its a conversation piece mate, about what is and isnt a cross regarding old style talk verses new, with a link to his site which Mr Sad recons is cool to allow.
  3. no probs thanks for the heads up Andre. I don't care so long as they don't spam too hard and add something to the section.
  4. Mate a dude Kirk used to post here is dropping a thing of his about crosses into the training section from his site. Saddo recons he doesnst care one way or the other.
    Just letting you know so you dont ban or spam.A link will get added to it later as I dont think he can put it up with his new user name and few posts.

    Much Love.
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