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  1. Thanks, even i intuitively think that they even sound very reasonable compared to others predictions. Some people forget size, age, styles, lots of things. I'm no good in predicting though. Neither am i in understanding close fights or scoring fights, as im no good at judging or relating damage caused by x number of jabs, or a power shot and things like that

    And what would be the average prime ages limits for boxers in your opinion? Lower and higher. And if you were a boxer at what age would you retire? Or after how many old age related or convincing losses or things like that?
  2. hey you are my idol, you have been better than anyone in the prediction contests. I think you are my dream person to ask your opinion on who do you think would win these fantasy fights:

    Holmes vs foreman
    Holmes vs lennox lewis
    Foreman vs lennox lewis
    Joe louis vs vitaly klitschko
    Ali vs lennox lewis
    Pacquiao vs ray leonard
    Mayweather vs jc chavez
    prime Jc chavez vs de la hoya
    wladimir klitschko vs frazier
    young Tyson vs young muhammad ali (like both 22 years old)
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