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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. The best way is by slightlly raising the front heel. You will find that if youre not comfortable in the hips doing it, the feet are to wide. Throw the shots shadow boxing, leave the last shot there and feel your balance, that should give you your clues.
  3. Hi, Scrap i know that i am becomming really anoying, but i don't have anyone else to ask...

    I have watched your videos 100 times (literary). I have seen that you don't like to speak about boxing technique, but can you correct me if i am really wrong?
    It is about the move at 4:33
    YouTube - Pad Work!
    I have observed 4 things that seemed important for me:
    1) its important to squat down from the legs not by sticking out the trunk in order to mentain the center of gravity over the feeds
    2) the head remains with the same oriantation relative to the floor. This means like gazing at the hirizon (gravity fixed). Thats why is important not to tilt the sholders.
    3) this move is the same like sliping punches , roling with them and reacting for left hook trown from our oponent (3 in 1).
    4) How can i incorporate hte plyometric loading of the back leg when i want to throw left right for example?
  4. many reasons with the right heel, it directs the movement right without thought, its easy to turn the left foot and shoulder, theres better technique in the movement and more pivot with the right hand or left hook to the body, gives better direction
  5. Hi Scrap, i wanted to say that this small changes for example with the parallel sholders is working briliantly for my! Thanks alot and keep up the good work (if i can say it this way)!
    I have watch your videos again and i have some questions... First why shold the inside part of the right heel must be so inwards "to see" the oder guy when we are shooting the jab for example or making the defence for the left hook to the body (generally befor we throw the right)?
    I like the idea of staying with paralel sholders to the ground. It makes all the difference.I feel my self much much more balanced and i can make movements that were impossible for me now. But how do i slip to the right, duck and go into crouch correctly?
  6. Thanks for the explanation.
  7. What its doing is showing the difference with or without elastic working the technique instead of using the elbows to much because of resisstance the knees are put into better effect.
  8. For example at 4:30 this inside hooks with the elbow down with the right hand. When i trey to punch that way with the right is really awkward for me.
  9. Shovel hook explain please
  10. Can you explain me/us the mechanics behind the schovel hooks in this video YouTube - bag work! .
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