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  1. There's a few of them Andre - the one in North Fitzroy is the one me and the missus go to. They do a meatball curry and a potato and eggplant dish that are awesome. One in Brunswick which I've been to as well, and one in Flinders street. Here's a list of them all:-

    Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurants

    Glad you liked the Katsidis story, was gutted he didn't do it - thought the best when he knocked him down because that punch was no joke - JMM hit the deck hard. But I worry about Katsidis, because he takes too many shots to have a long career, and his footwork has always looked clumsy to me. Needs the kind of makeover McGirt gave Gatti methinks...
  2. Whoops posted early, things are fine mate thanks. Family's well, both kids out of school now :-).Like to strip the van of tools and go for a tour of this fine country in a mobile double bed soon.
    HAppy NEw year and catch you soon Bro.
  3. Nice work there on the Katsidis Marquez fight mate.
    So wheres this new restaurant then?
  4. Yes, I don't get on very much at all these days mate. How are things with you going anyway? Hope your Chrissie and New Years were good. I stopped working for the fruit and veg mag, and got a job writing about sport for a website called sportal. It's a pretty cool gig, mostly I write about European soccer, but occasionally I get to cover a fight:-

    Katsidis falls short - Other Sports - Sportal Australia

    Take it easy mate, let me know if you're keen for a feed when you're back at work. I still owe you a meal, and I found this place called Ghurkas Kitchen - does Nepalese food - it's the bomb!!!


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