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  1. Cheers mate,Merry Christmas to you and yours.Yeah hot one cool change tomorrow though.
  2. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Andre! Hope you have a good one over there! Heard that its 30+! Heat wave coming thru!
  3. Cheers, different bike! I'd hate to accidentally press that lever that makes it lower at the wrong time.
  4. Andre, Check this bike out! Something you should have and cruise around in your areas! looks like the salt from the ocean ate it all!
  5. The dvds got posted off yesterday mate.let me know when they arrive, probably be about 7 days as it was friday night here,weekend now, so things will slow up for a couple days.
  6. Heya! Haven't seen you around lately! Hope you alright there down under after all!
  7. Still havent done those dvds yet mate. Ill let you know when I 've posted them,been flat out mate have to go buy the right types and havent had the chance yet, I mistakenly got dvd + R instead of - R and they dont seem to work? Anyway Im still on it, havent forget.
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