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  1. I am good old friend thank you for askıng. We wıll meet one day. Thought maybe you'd head up to Malasyıa when we were there but left ın Aug for Turkey (agaın). YOure welcome here too. Stay ın the Black Sea area though. ISIS ıs crossıng the border ın the south, word has ıt. I remember your clove cıgarette/kuala lumpur drıvıng story.
  2. that is some cerebral wah-wah pedal work what with the reverb effects panning from right ear to left ear, like its going right through your brain. Guitar has a metallic sort of steel sound, like a whip cracking. At 3:07 someth9ng happens a bit scary like a sudden realization of something dark and ominous. The Moog surprised me at 6:17, like a jet engine. Nice ending too. I had not heard this. Also your Hawkwind music was wonderful. I see you like the trippy stuff Andre. hahaha me too
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