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  1. Sorry to greet you a bit late, I think the one you replied to was my last year's greeting, but what the heck, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you. I've been giving out Christmas gifts to some poor folks here and their smiles after receiving their gifts are simply priceless. Wise men say that if you give it will return to you many times over, and without even thinking about it, it did. Try it mate, it's good for your soul.
  2. Thanks Bro been a top day today. Merry Christmas to you and yours. O.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. You've been less active these days and I hope age hasn't caught up with you, not just yet, mate. I'm doing my utmost myself to fight this thing called age and hope to stay as young as I can, physically and mentally. Eating right, keeping fit and live healthy - those very things you used to call balance. Hope you're having a nice celebration there with all your loved ones.
  4. Yo, mate, longtime no see. I just dropped by to tell you about this queer thing I learned about nature. Just a week ago, I read about calculation of infinity, you know 1+2+3... and you suppose that it should end up 999,999,999... up to nowhere right? Wrong! according to mathematicians, it's supposed to end at -1/12 (negative one twelfth). Strange huh? And that calculation is supposed to work even in physics... Which brings me to a question, has God been playing joke on us? Maybe those eastern philosophers were right, we're living in a world of illusion, just maybe. Hope I've entertained you a bit. Well anyway, have a nice day...
  5. Hi mate Im well. Hope you are fine too.Nice to see you back around.
  6. Where the heck are you hiding, mate, get out in here. Lol, just noticed you've been inactive here lately so I'm just wondering. But I won't be saying, 'hope you're doing well' as I know you're not the type who gets 'unwell'; actually that's my way of wishing you well...
  7. Yo mate. I like this place, this is a nice, cozy place so let me greet you here my best Christmas wishes for you and a Happy New Year too. Hope you have a better year ahead. Well it's gonna be an exciting year ahead, what the Mayan folks meant will be unfolding soon. But I think they just ran out of their chalk or whatever they use to write their calendars with. But anyhow, times are a-changing as the old folks used to say, with all the 'springs' rising everywhere. A beginning of a some major change in history unfolding, perhaps. You keep safe and sound in the meantime...
  8. You growing a set of tits on your knuckles? :-)
  9. You too bro, keep well.
  10. Yo, mate, I clicked your rep but I was stuck with the old one! Hope you've been doing well. We're indeed living in interesting times, time of some major shift in mankind, perhaps. Keep your faith and it shall keep you sound and safe from whatever that might be coming. Got a go back to my lair, good luck in the meantime.
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