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  1. You welcome. Appreciate the comment. And I will pass the message on to O. We keep in contact. Text back and forth. Me and him pretty much feel the same way. Boxing should be shared and spread as much as possible. It's why we did what we did. But the damn feds didn't like it. Anyway, we'll see how it plays out. Again you welcome and appreciate the comment
  2. Hey mate, just wanted to say thanks for all the effort from you and O across at Sweet. For the first time in many years I have been able to watch not only the big fights but catch up on what's happening worldwide and in some of the not so popular weight divisions. Hopefully you'll get back on line some time and have a work around. Just busy picking up some late stuff I managed to get into JDownloader before the site went off line.

    Appreciate if you could drop a line if the site gets back up or there is anywhere else you can recomment for getting any downloads in the interim, if you speak with O pass on my thanks for all his efforts and wish him well in his future bouts.

    Thanks again Buddy, really appreciate everything you fellas did.
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