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  1. am going to need an update on your life soon Sharla. if you so wish that is. hoping it is great and you are happy, as you deserve that and more.
  2. Like your giraffe steed there Youngblood - you look very prepared just in case you come across a pool :-) Good to see you are still on here and having fun with it :-)
  3. nice to see you back posting Sharla!
  4. I was doored whilst cycling up on the left (the side we drive on) of a car when a passenger spontaneously decided to leap out at the traffic lights. I landed on my left arm which i guess was better than faceplanting! It's an undisplaced fracture turns out to be much better than a displaced one (means i avoid getting pins put in) and a 2nd opinion from another doc meant I could take the cast off after only one week (apparently decent docs never put elbows in casts) and now i think it's just about better ...

    Not throwing any jabs yet but i can do pushups so that's something!

    A yellow dolphin doing something hey! Now is 'something' an activity strictly for mature dolphins? I can tell you that budgie is NOT innocent but thankfully his 'something' is limited to reflective surfaces and NOT my nose! Unfortunately I don't think he know what Maggie the female on my head really is / he finds his reflection far more attractive so no babies expected for a while!
  5. what happened to your arm Sharla? and not to be nit pickin, but from this profile picture, it also appears some sort of yellow cartoon dolphin is ...doing sumthin.
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