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  1. Hey Lyle,

    I see that you had quite a nice trip Actually, I live like 20 minutes away from Montreal, pretty close. Yes, we have Joe Beef and a couple of other amazing places here, including the famous "pied de cochon" (translation: pig's leg). The Chef over here is a decadent man, foie gras, maple syrup and VERY generous portions are his motto. I am supposed to go to Toronto quite soon too, like in November or something if things do not chance in the meantime. How long did you stay here? Did you finish the work and stuff you had to do in order to make your house a perfect place? Thanks a lot for the news, it has been a while and it's always nice to catch up with you and discuss good things in life
  2. Hey man, I hope you're doing well!

    The wife and I traveled up to Niagara on the Lake in Ontario as well as Toronto during my visit up north. We ate and drank like royalty local wines, local gourmet food, and in Toronto we actually visited a few places Anthony Bourdain stopped in on when he filmed his show 'The Layover' in Toronto. We went to The Backhouse in Niagara on the Lake which was phenomenal and I highly recommend it if you ever get to that area (you're in Quebec right? You've probably got better choices nearby 'Joe Beefs' and the like but this place was super good) the chef made his own Pinot Noir and it was a bloody good wine! In Toronto we went to Poutini's to get poutine (we had the gravy, cheese curds, bacon, and maple syrup...amazing stuff) and we also went to Porchetta & Co. which is another MUST if you're ever in Toronto. We had a pork belly sandwich, with pork cracklins, whole grain mustard, a little hot sauce, and truffle sauce.
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