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  1. rantcatrat,

    i agree with you mostly, but, what if margarito really didn't know his hands were loaded? and doesn't the state governing bodies of margarito's past fights are to blame as well, for not catching his allegedly loaded gloves? they're supposed to have one official checking and watching when a fighters' hands are getting wrapped. and another thing, there is absolutely zero proof margarito used those wraps in previous fights. the suspicion is there but where is the proof? finally, i don't think it is margarito's fault that he was only banned for one year from boxing anywhere in the u.s.. he got his punishment, he did his time and now i believe he has the right to make a living like any other boxer does. i know he's probably the most hated fighter on the planet at this time but he still has millions of fans who i know would support him. i for one am still a fan. i hate what he did allegedly but i also believe in giving people second chances.
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