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  1. We are fighting this guy. My fighter is southpaw, a little shorter,good reach, my fighter moves well and has a great, straight left. Jabs well to the body and is very good at catching and countering (which he prefers to beating someone to the punch). My guy can move both ways well, keeps his weight back and is comfortable inside our outside.

    I think Savigne can be counter punched. He never clinches so maybe we can trap a hand and hit him with the left. Inside savigne tends to throw wide. He fights in spurts and gasses (messes with trunks). Savigne throws the left and right off of the front foot. I think when he pre-slips on to his front leg and loads the left he can be stuck with the jab. He is solid technically so we are working on hitting the gloves, staying with the combinations until something opens up. Savigne has been stopped once, right hand to the temple over his left glove.

    Humberto Savigne vs Frankie Santos.avi - YouTube
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