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  1. Noticed that your fighter had his left heel up while jabbing. Very interesting I hope to try it out tomorrow in sparring.must the lead heel be up while jabbing?
  2. 16 6'1 150 pounds
  3. Who is Youngblood? Scrap why is the front heel up off the jab?
  4. I'm no longer going to participate in the forum all questions I'll kindly direct to via messages. There are gyms from Edmonton online mailing me. So while train for the nationals I little reason to converse in an open forum with people who don't contribute.
  5. My coach won't let me step forward he'd rather have the opponent come forward than me going forward is that normal Im so confused? Also he has my head on a 15degree slant to the right 60-70 % of my weight on the rear foot?
  6. Scrap I was just looking at a Dempsey video don't I resemble him.maybe it's the whole Irish thing.
  7. After watching your vids on YouTube and reading this article,I understand the emphasis on stretching it builds muscle without the risk for injury unlike weights very smart.
  8. Scrap just won by tko 1:17 first round Silvio Fex says that he's hasn't worked with a puncher like me since Lennox Lewis. 6-4-0 my opponent was ranked #1 in Canada from Quebec and 19 years old. Thanx for the vids they helped me to win the fight.
  9. Most fighters are pantzies afraid to do anything lest they be countered especially on this forum. which why I have so many ko's. To night I have a fight against a guy whose 8-0-0 ranked #1 junior fighter in Canada from Quebec I not afraid to bang it out with him tonight. Do you have advice before the fight it starts at 7 but I'm last fight?
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