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Thread: Applying for jobs

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    Default Applying for jobs

    I know we've had this before but I want to gather some good karma for a job application I've made. For anyone that doesn't know I'm an IT bod. Technical, engineer, whatever you want to call it. I've been wanting to move towards a managerial role for while now and one has come up in work. Initially I thought I'd leave it. I'm as honest as the day is long in terms of what I can and can't do and I wouldn't generally go for a job that's beyond me. OK if I tick most of the boxes but there's a gap, not really an issue. But I'd never blag my way into a job I was seriously underqualified for. I've seen so many people do that and look a cunt because they don't know what they're doing. But they've been struggling to fill it for one reason or another, one day left on the application cut off so I thought fuck it. What's the worst that can happen. I don't have any managerial experience whatsoever, but I know the business, know the technology and what we're trying to achieve with it, know the team and have a great relationship with them. I figure if they get someone in externally they have to pick all that up. Why can't I pick up the managerial elements of the job?

    It'll mean more money, which is nice. But will also mean the cushy WFH lifestyle I've grown accustomed to will end, once things get back to normal of course.

    I want to hear about that job application you made that you weren't quite qualified for, but got it anyway. Like @BIGH applying for a French speaking role, and getting it I think? When he spoke less French than this bloke.

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    Default Re: Applying for jobs

    The one I'm at now LOL!

    a professor once told me, lie. say you know it because when the time comes, a skilled person still has to learn the company's way of performing tasks. Especially within I.T.

    Since I have been laid off so often I use this to my advantage:
    When asked how much experience? I have 7 years Mainframe, 3 years AIX, 3 years Unix, 6 years AS/400 - I claim.

    Interview I am consistent with stating: While I haven't had 19 years with any particular system, the 4 environments bare witness how easily I can adapt to learning a platform. Given time, I can master it.

    I don't want to be called least, but if need, I'd choose to be the least in the midst of the wisest. Than to be the wisest among the least of the wise.

    And while I know lies are wrong, man F that. I'll have to meet the creator when time and plead; that lie paid my bills, gave mom that extra loot, hooked up my siblings in their time of need. nephews & nieces got $20s, $50s & I even tithed!

    One lie I haven't told in a decade - was when it came time to providing references. Because I drove truck for a couple of years, -some resumes I would fill that time in with a few companies I worked at in the 90s- because I can prove they are defunct!
    I think one was called Norrell, a temp service.

    H.R. recruiter comes back & states, yeah that was a company. But they no longer exist, which bumped me to the final interview!

    I'm in over my head, but I try. And in the midst I see quite a few who aren't as good as the job requires.
    Much fortune to you. Hope you dont have to lie.
    Nevertheless that is between your creator and your motives!
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    Default Re: Applying for jobs

    If you really want the job I say lie your ass off about it. The most they can do is fire you afterwards... and even then you would have had the experience and to your next stop, lie about that experience too.
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    Default Re: Applying for jobs

    Well good luck Memphis if it’s something you want I hope it works out. I put in for a new position that came out of the blue but it’s at my existing job so I don’t need to lie. I really need a change a number of years ago and went for an “engineering” position which was really just a glorified maintenance position. It involved running bobcats, changing motors, plumbing, electrical etc. never had I worked in the field and never dad I changed a 220 motor but damn I read up on them and aced the interview. In most cases they are four bolts and eight wires, sure they can weigh 300lbs and be 30 feet in the air and you gotta use all kinds of weird equipment and get creative in getting the things up and down trying not to kill yourself in the process but it was a fun. Something different. I didn’t completely lie but certainly didn’t tell the whole truth. Ended up doing fine working on multi million dollar machinery I found that even the experienced guys were figuring shit out as they went along. Every went fine until some dropped a couple hundred pounds of metal on my hand.

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