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Thread: Personal Benefits after May Pac

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    Default Personal Benefits after May Pac

    Boxing-wise it was undoubtfully garbage, how ever there is light in the darkness

    How did you personally benefit from the fact that the fight happened?

    For me personally, there were several good effects after the fight:

    1. The visitors statistics to my boxing website has increased by factor 2 right after the fight on may 3rd

    2. Watching celebs attending the fight, I have learnt that Christina Millian apparently teamed up with Lil Wayne to boost her career after crappy reality show attempt on E!, what a! Good to know anyway

    3. Again, watching the celebs and their sick faces, I learnt one more time that money can only garantee quantity, but not quality...

    4. @maxpower: max powerism 101 got solid experimental proof!
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    1. Free food and liquor

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