Once again I'll be brief.
1)By Parrying
*parry to the inside with the right glove, then drive str right to his chin.
*cross parry with your left hand, drive the straight to his side
2)By Slipping
*slip to the inside and hook to the heart
*slip inside and drive a str right to the heart.
*slip to theinside and fire str right to the chin
*slip inside and cross a right to the chin

Once again, detail of each move will be gladlyprovided, and all the side-step counters will be posted together. Some questions about certain move- "WTF is a cross-parry?"for example-can be foundin earlier posts. I would suggest re-reading the posts on the str right hand and the basicdefenses for example when reading this current cluster of posts, as it all goes together. I tried to highlight parts in each post that would show the relevant connections fromoffense to defense and punching to defending. At least I planned to; if I idn't get at me for explanation.