1. Is it me or does it seem like Saddo is like Charlie from Charlie's Angels, only appearing every now and then to check up on us and issue the rules.

2. Thanks you guy's for being the most entertaining group of people I chat with verbally or written.

3. Thanks for keeping my knowledge sharp, arguing can sometime's be the best way to learn (Aristotle).

4. Thanks for the sarcasm

5. Thanks for banning all the assholes, racist, sexist, dumb ass's, and plain old wierd people

6. Thanks for teaching me so much about liqour (what happen to the "what are you drinking tonight thread")

7. Thanks for the people who know very little about boxing and swear they know it all

8. Thanks for the people who actually reach forth and try to be a cyber friend.

9. Thanks for my British brothers that let us know that boxing is international and loved everywhere.

10. Thanks for the women on the thread that let us know the sport is not only for guy's

11. Thanks for the get it on section, us liberals have it out there.

12. Thanks for the people who swear their favorite boxer is the best of all time and no one can tell them different.

13. Thanks to you all, and if you are ever in Miami Fl (USA) bomber will have two brazilian girls present for you to bomb. SALUTE