Elements of Defense: Ducking, Weaving, Rolling and Side-Stepping

This is the last post on defense and next will be the elements of attack, and so on and so and so on...
1) Ducking; same technique to duck left and right blows. From the fundamental position as an opponent leads a hook or swing bend your torso forward from the waist, dipping both knees forward son the body drops. Hands held high elbows down to facilitate countering, chin on breast bone so that only top of head is open.
2)Weaving; an advanced move, winding around a lead and thus creating openings.There are two primary moves. The first is weaving to the inside position. This begins by slipping a left lead to the outside position.Lower the head and upper body, move under the lead then up to a fundamental position. Carry the hands high and close to the body. The other is weaving to the outside and it begins with slipping to the inside off a str left jab. From there move the head and body right and upward in a circular movement so that your body ends up outside the lead, fundamental stance.
3) Rolling; to roll with straight punches lean the body back with the blow to lessen its force. With hooks,turn the body to travel in the same direction as the blow. With uppercuts sway backward out of range.
4)Side-Stepping; shifting the wt and changing the feet w/o disturbing balance,to avoid rushes and to quickkly move out of range. The step may be directly forward, to the right or backward. To do this (this is very basic; the specifics will be detailed as they arise later), from the basic stance, move left toe back to rt heel, pointing directlyat that heel. Take one full step to the right with the right foot wt to the rt leg. foot positions are reversed and body turned to the side. Now step out or pivot back on the balls of the feet to your original stance.