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Thread: The Elements of Attack -greynotsoold


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    Default The Elements of Attack -greynotsoold

    The Elements of Attack -Greynotsoold

    Attacking is based upon the fundamental abilities of 'hit' and 'defend', and layered with advanced skills such as slipping and so on. Once the defensive skills are mastered you must learn to create openings through which to score points. There are two types of attack; by force and by deception. Force is the simplistic straight ahead style that relies on volumes punching or sheer aggression for success. Attack by deception is what makes the great great; offense and defense blending seamlessly, hitting and feinting combined untilnearly indistinguishable from one another. There are 5 key elements of attack:
    1) Leading; it is essentialto know the value of a lead, that for every opening there is a counter and for every counter a block. The idea is to lead with comparative safety- the left jab while moving left while the rt is held high is pretty safe.
    2)Feinting is a series of decoy movements, using the whole body. If the opponent adjusts his defense to these movements , there are openings that must be taken advantage of, this being accomplished only with impossible reflexes or by having caused the opening. A great fighter knows what openings will result before he feints, and his follow up action begins almost before the opening is created.
    3)Drawing is close to feinting. Some part of the body is exposed to draw a specific blow and hence a specific counter. Drawing uses strategy, and crowding and forcing and the ability to advance while seemingly open, drawing leads and countering.
    4) Infighting is boxing at close range. It takes skill to get close and skill to stay there. Skills utilized include slipping, weaving, drwaing and countering.
    5)The Drop Shift; this will be a separate post at a later date.

    good post....

    i prefer the drawing/feinting method... i'm an aggresive fighter that prefers to place the opponent on the back foot the whole match, but i prefer to make my opponent their own worst enemy.
    By drawing an attack (punch/kick in my case) by dropping my guard, postioning my body at an angle and faking with shoulder movement, i can watch them attack this area and counter straight away.
    Once you have a fighter dazzled with a clean counter you can follow up with your best shots as they play a game of 'catch up, where am i?' or 'when will it stop?!!'

    Jose Torres said it best, Great Boxers are the best Liars on Gods Earth.

    Click here to see it as it looked like before: The Elements of Attack. - Boxing Chat
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