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Thread: Different / Alternate Training Ideas


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    Default Re: Different / Alternate Training Ideas

    Exercise to improve punches sharpness, accuracy, and quickness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scrap View Post
    If you want to be sharp, really sharp, and want to be fast really fast, and want to be accurate, really accurate, I'll give you a cracker . Find an empty wall, a really empty wall. Then get a fit ball, a really big fit ball, really pumped up max. Put it on the wall and start Punching, really start punching the fit ball. It will do funny things really funny things. It's up to you using your feet and fists to control it. Have fun, and only throw proper punches. It's insane.

    Exercise for foot speed

    Quote Originally Posted by Scrap View Post
    Ok, I'll give you something what we've been doing a number of years, enough people have seen it. Get hold of a 9" deep crash mat or a old bed mattress, it wont last as long. Get some form of elbow protection or heavy jumper, your wearing trainers. Lay on your back on the mat, hands upright, elbows on the mat, knees bent so your feet are on the mat. Now you start a running motion never lifting your elbows or feet no more than 4" up but driving as hard as you can into the mat and pick up speed as you do. Done properly you'll last 30 secs do 6 sets with 30 secs rest, youll understand what plyometrics is all about, its a cracker.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scrap View Post
    One thing about the routine. Being in the position you are something happens to make you have better stamina speed and strength. Your venus returns work 30% more efficiently hows about that guys and galls.
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