Ok I revisited the fight out of my Ali career collection and as with a good bit of his early fights, the quality on this one isn't all that great. There is a white spot that occasionally covers the fighters faces and even hands making in hard to judge punches. Other times there would be still footage and total white outs. That being said, I looked at the fight objectively and with surprisingly (even to myself) unbiased scoring. Here's what I came up with using the round system of points:

Round          Clay          Jones          Comment
1                  1                                  Jones lands big shot early but Clay more consistent.
2                                  1                Solid round for Jones.
3                  1
4                  1                                  Both rounds for Clay, Jones not doing much effectively.
5                                  1                Undeniable round for Jones, 2 point round in a must system
6                                  1                Clearly Jones round
7                                  1                Close. While Clay had a very consistent round, Jones' 45 seconds he won throughout may have been more effective than what Clay did. Virtual toss-up/even round
8                                  1                Close. Same deal as 7.
9                  1                                  Close and very unclear video footage. Clay seemed to be more effective.
10                1                                  Undeniable round for Clay . 2 point round in a must system.
Total            5                5

I saw it as a draw in both a round system and a must system. You must note however that Jones received two close rounds in my view and Clay only one. As I stated above those rounds really could've went either way even as a tie round. The two ring side judges scored the bout 5-4-1 Clay. I could've just as easily came up with the same score had I made one of those close rounds for Jones (more than likely round 7) a tie. The referee scored the bout 8-1-1 Clay. He is an idiot.