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Thread: short fighters

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    Default Re: short fighters

    Quote Originally Posted by StrictlySP View Post
    Hi OGX,
    Take out a notebook and watch/analyze these highlight clips of Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier - two very successful short world heavyweight boxing champions. With that said, here are some suggestions on how to learn from these clips: 1) first watch them with no focused emphasis on anything; just watch them naturally. Don't hunt for anything in particular, just watch. When doing so, pause the video intermittently and write down the tactics you naturally saw that were successful; and 2) on your subsequent viewings of them, pick one thing to focus on each time - i.e. footwork, head movement, defense as a whole, the entry techniques used, the potent counters used, the timing on the counters, etc, etc. What are the successful common denominators between the two men? Anyway, take specific notes each time you watch and when you do so, write the down the specific times on the videos that showcase a successful tactic/element you want to incorporate into your game so you can refer back to them at your convenience. From there, discuss with your coach and/or training partners and implement a methodical, systematic way of integrating what you took notes on to take your skill set to another level.

    Since I can only put up one view per post, I'll put the one for Joe Frazier on the next post.

    Enjoy the process...

    Take Care,
    heres one. as you come in with your step and drag, add in head movement.

    take one step forward with your front foot and press down, and in the same motion, move your upper body over your front leg, with your chest coming just over your front knee. this motion will simultaneously move your head off center and load your body weight onto your front leg. now drag up your back foot and repeat.

    as you are coming in, you will be able to both slip and counter his jab with your hook, transferring your body weight from your front leg to your back leg as your hips rotate.

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