Just some random musing's that don't deserve their own thread as such...

*Hatton's primary problem was that he did not throw enough punches. Perhaps weighed down by the situation he actually at times forgot to punch, his punch stats were half of what they once were! Will he recover this problem at LWW?
(God i hope so!)

*Edner Cherry seemed to be at the receiving end of a Lacy/Calzaghe type drubbing against Wes Ferguson until a coup de grace came out of nowhere. Lacy has been applauded for his heart and courage yet he never attempted something like this, which leads me to ask...was his confidence destroyed BEFORE the Calzaghe fight? Also what is the common consensus on Cherry as he's been arund a while and still looked green.

*Miguel Cotto is underestimated as regards strategy. Shane Mosely had his defence described in the ring's build up as down to slick movement. When Shane went to defend Cotto backed off himself and Mosely then followed him. Thus negating Mosely's defence!!!

*Zab Judah at Light Middle a smart move? Other than Karmazin and the grossly inactive DLH there are very few at Light Middle making Headlines othe than past Zab victim Cory Spinks (and not many of his headlines are positive.) As Kassimm Ouma is planning to go to 147, does this leave the division wide open for Judah to take charge...Is there even a possability of fights with Wink and even Mayorga?