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Curious to get people's thoughts on what is a good steak to eat. Always have a freezer full of them. The one's I like best are rib steaks for the taste, but I know they get that taste from the large amount of fat/marble in them, as opposed to say a round steak or a cut like that.

Is there really much difference? Am basically eating them cuz heck, who doesn't like steak, and the fact it is meeting my protein needs.

Anyone, anyone...Bueller?
Round cuts are good,mignons are good,and New York Strip Streaks are good,round cuts are a little tougher,but you can get by that with a good marinade,or a meat tenderizer
A ribeye (aka delmonico or entricot) has the most fat. Strip steaks and steak tips are also fatty. Chuck is tough but flavorful and best used in pot roasts and stews.

Tenderloin is very tender and not too high in fat. As a rule, the more fat, the more flavor. This is why you will see Filet Mignon usually served with a sauce while Strip and Ribeye steaks are often served only seasoned.

For a lean steak, I enjoy Rumpsteak when I can find it. I give it a few whacks with a kitchen mallet, season it up nice, and pan sear it. It's a little chewier than the premium cuts, but it's cheaper, leaner, and has a nice flavor.