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Thread: Tributes to a talented amateur boxer!

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    Default Tributes to a talented amateur boxer!

    I've just read some really sad news in the paper about a talented boxer has died on his honeymoon holiday in spain.Steven"The Whip"Waddington 35,had been enjoying his Honeymoon holiday break when he fell off his sixth floor balcony of his hotel and died.He had been drinking at the hotel in Costa Del Sol before he mysteriosly fell to his death.His wife had walked into the room to see Steven clinging onto the balcony rail.He cried out to her,but before she could reach out to him he fell and died.I've never seen him or even heard of him,but i feel really sorry for the lost of a talented boxer.Steven Waddington won a British super middleweight title in august.
    I'll see if there's any videos of him.


    I've just found this footage of him.He looks good too,sad loss.He's in the Silver trunks.Theres loads of tributes on Youtube.Really moving!!
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    Default Re: Tributes to a talented amateur boxer!

    rip lad sad story

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