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Thread: last movie you watched (Flag Up SPOILERS)

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    Default Re: last movie you watched (Flag Up SPOILERS)

    Really enjoyed the one below. A bit different and works . Give it a go
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    Default Re: last movie you watched (Flag Up SPOILERS) Don't care, still one of the more underrated flicks on the theater. Brilliant cast

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    Default Re: last movie you watched (Flag Up SPOILERS)

    This is the most amazing documentary you'll ever watch. Holocaust survivors who were in the camps, the guy who drove the train to Auschwitz, antisemitic Polish peasants who lived next to the camps and clearly approved, German prison guards and further ups involved in the whole final solution planning, a Polish diplomat who took his own eyewitness acounts to the west, you name it. No black and white stock footage, every frame filmed from the mid seventies to mid eighties and every frame evocative with a story to tell.

    The guy who made the film basically tracked down every single person of note with a story to tell and the end product is quite something. There's even an appearance by Frau Bl├╝cher. You'll know when you get to her, the voice is uncanny. If you haven't seen it you have to watch it.

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