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Thread: troubleBound's log


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    Default troubleBound's log

    Goal: Cutting the fat that's holding me down and getting in good enough shape to spar again ASAP and gaining strength, more than I ever did before (not necessarily gaining muscle size or weight. In fact, I think I'd rather lose weight. I'd like to be able to do pullups, 1-arm pushups and pistols, and eventually plache pushups).

    EDIT: I also stretch everyday before I do anything. I do a few yoga hasanas, focus mainly on my glutes, hamstrings and thighs which are the muscles that get the sorest. I also do a few upper body stretching exercises to maintain arm and upper body flexibility and bridges for back flexibility.

    Well started last week, first week of march. Started fresh going to the boxing gym. Went to the boxing gym only twice, Monday and Friday afternoon. Monday morning I did tabata thrusters. Then Wednesday and Friday mornings I did tabata burpees.

    Tuesday afternoon I ran 3 miles in about 25 minutes (not constant speed. I'd bump of the speed for a minute or so, then go back down and so on) and thursday morning I ran 3 miles, but quite a bit slower at 27 minutes. In the boxing gym I did 3 rounds skipping rope, 3 rounds shadow boxing, 3 rounds heavy bag, 1 round uppercut bag, 1 round up and under, 2 rounds speedbag.

    EDIT: On the heavy bag, as well as shadowboxing, I focused mostly on jabs and a few 1-2's. I also tried to move around and use footwork as much as I could.

    Towards the end of the week (Thursday and Friday) I started doing again, strength exercises like in the book "The Naked Warrior." Still can't really do 1-arm pushups (I've been doing these against a wall) or pistols (I do these either pole-assisted or using a low chair), but I'm working towards it. I feel like I'm getting close on those pistols, but not so much on the 1-armed pushups. I've been trying to focus on gaining strength outside the boxing gym, and focus on endurance IN the boxing gym (as well as with my 3-mile runs and tabata exercises).

    Over the weekend I got kinda sick. I woke up yesterday (Monday) early enough to do some tabata, but felt like dying so instead decided to sleep a bit longer. Towards the afternoon I felt good, and decided to go to the boxing gym. I went a bit easier. Did 3 rounds rope skipping, 3 rounds shadowboxing, 3 rounds heavy bag, 2.5 rounds speedbag. No up and under, no uppercut bag this time. At night I did a few pole-assisted pistols and a few 1-armed pushups against the wall.

    Today I still feel kinda crappy (not nearly as bad as I did yesterday morning) so I haven't done anything. Thinking about going to bed early cause I know what I'm lacking is some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel in top shape and I'll be able to do tabata in the morning and go to the boxing gym in the afternoon. Since the weather seems to be improving, I think I might do sprints tomorrow morning. Might do a couple of pole-assisted pistols and assisted 1-arm pushups again.

    Will post tomorrow.
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