Ok so, I decided to start my training blog. I started boxing roughly 4 weeks ago so, y'know, we'll see how it goes... Gonna update it ever few days but for my first one I'll do it for the week.

Height - 5 ft 11
Weight - 12st 6lb (weighed today)
Age - 26
Goal - To get in good shape and maybe box competitively

Training This week: 27th July - 2nd August

Tuesday 28th July - In the boxing Gym, 7pm - 9pm

• Warm up for aprox 15 minutes
• 200 pressups and 200 Situps.
• On the heavy bag 2/3 punch combos. 5x 2 minute rounds.

• Light sparring in pairs
• Light sparring in pairs, working on hand defence and counter punching
• Light Sparring in pairs, working on foot defence, stepping out and then back in to counter punch (got my first bust nose after stepping onto a stiff jab)

• Bench lifting - 3 sets
• Bar jumping - 3 sets
• Taking ab hits with the Medicine Ball - 3 sets
• Back extensions with m/ball - 3 sets

• Stretch/cool down

Found the session really enjoyable, if not a little tough. Got my first bloody nose and realised that im not good at getting out of the way of punches. It'll come though. Was told that I have a very good jab for the amount of time ive been boxing.
Still struggling with the 200 situps/pressups, getting worn out at about 120ish. Better than the previous weeks though were ive struggled after about 50. Starting to notice an increase in my stamina though and my body shape is changing slightly.

Wednesday 29th July - Cardio

• Ran 6 miles. Took roughly an hour.

Thursday 30th July - In the boxing gym, 7pm - 9pm

• Warm up for aprox 15 minutes
• 200 pressups and 200 Situps.
• On the heavy bag 2/3 punch combos. 5x 2 minute rounds.

Went to Killingworth to run a specific route and train outdoors.

• run down (around) the hill and then back up the 20 large steps - 10 laps
• 25 raised leg pressups
• 25 crunches
• 25 Leg extensions
• 25 pull ups
• shadow boxing, different combos etc
• 25 raised leg pressups
• 25 crunches
• More shadow boxing
• 25 raised leg pressups
• 1 mile slow jog
• 25 dips - 3 sets

Managed the 200 situps & pressups this session. Also realised that the reason I kept getting tagged in sparring was that I have my hands to far apart. Tried to work on that whilst shadow boxing and on the bags.
Found the cardio stuff on the hill quite tough although it was good. Managed all of the sets, except couldn't hit the 25 reps on the leg extensions.

Friday 31st July - Weigh Day & Cardio

Weight today - 12st 6lbs (1.1/4lb loss)

• 6 mile run tonight

Saturday 1st August - Gym Session

• TBC (probably chest and abs)

Sunday 2nd August - Cardio

• 6 mile run