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Thread: Ryan Oakes Training Log!

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    Default Ryan Oakes Training Log!

    Hey guys this is my training log. this weeks workout is:

    Eat a healthy breakfast, go to football for 4 hours.

    get back. eat a healthy and big lunch.

    then workout.

    then have a p/workout shake

    then eat dinner 2 hrs later

    2 hrs later snack.

    Heres my program for this week:

    Monday: Chest and triceps. + 15 mins cardio
    Tuesday: Back Biceps. +15 mins cardio
    Wednesday: Legs + 15 mins cardio
    Thursday: Boxing heavy bag workout
    Friday: Compound Lifts, bench press ,cleans, deadlifts etc. plus 10 mins cardio.

    Weekends: Rest, stretch for 20 mins a day..

    I'm gunna try this for a month and see how i like it.
    if you have any ideas on how to switch this routine up after the month talk to me about it
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