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Thread: Headaches - Concussions, Brain Trauma

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    Default Headaches - Concussions, Brain Trauma

    I decided to make this post as we keep seeing this question coming up, and I think it is an mportant thing to have in this section for quick reference.

    Any time you have a headache from being hit in the head, it is likely you suffered some degree of brain trauma. The question is how much. TBI (traumatic brain injury) is common in sport, and certainly common in boxing. While the method of treatment varies depending on the severity of it, for mild concussions the most common and widely regarded treatment is rest. Rest from trainng, rest from sparring, and most certainly rest from receiving any more blows to the head.

    As far as brain trauma goes, here is an indepth look : Traumatic brain injury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Here is a list of signs & symptoms to look out for. Not enough boxers are aware of them, or their trainers for that matter, but should be:

    Mild TBI

    -mental confusion
    -double vision, blurred vision, or tired eyes
    -ringing in the ears
    -bad or metallic taste in the mouth
    -fatigue or lethargy
    -a change in sleep patterns
    -behavioral, personality or mood changes
    -trouble with memory, concentration, or calculation
    -decreased coordination
    -symptoms may remain the same or get better; worsening symptoms indicate a more severe injury

    Moderate or Severe TBI

    -loss of consciousness
    -personality change
    -a severe, persistent, or worsening headache
    -repeated vomiting or nausea
    -inability to awaken
    -dilation (widening) of one or both pupils
    -slurred speech
    -weakness or numbness in the extremities
    -loss of coordination
    -increased confusion, restlessness, or agitation
    -abnormal posturing, ie. decorticate or decerebrate posturing
    -vomiting and neurological deficit (e.g. weakness in a limb) together are important indicators of prognosis and their presence may warrant early CT scanning and neurosurgical intervention.

    If any, or worse yet many of these symptoms are present after receiving a blow to the head, it is definitely time to go see your emergency room, and/or doctor.
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    Default Re: Headaches - Concussions, Brain Trauma

    It is the major problem in any game.

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