I recently got some advice from a coach and I wanted to get a second opinion. In sparring and my last fight- which I lost- I had difficulty throwing and landing my right (rear) hand. The bad thing is it's my best punch (the heavist from what i'm told).

I am average height with an average reach (5'10" middleweight). I have tried to adopt a stance where I stand almost fencing-style, and throw the jab from my shoulder. I have found that I get hit to often with lead right hands, and my rear hand is so far away from target, the rightcross is not busy and my opponents see it from a mile away. I've kind of become like a one-armed fighter.

A coach was working with me to adopt a more square style that utilized a higher guard. Counter-punching wise, i know my hands are more committed to blocking, and my body is more exposed, but when I tried it yesterday in sparring, I threw rights almost as easy as jabs and my guard picked off almost every shot. Also left hooks feel more natural. I know there is a trade off, and I'm wondering if it's worth it?

My strengths are my power and ability to take a shot. I have above average conditioning and my reflexes and speed are average. I have always felt more comfortable fighting inside, but I was always instructed to be an 'out-boxer'. I do so-so, but I want to capitalize on my strengths. The same coach told me to watch some Joshua Clottey videos.

Can you please give me your take on this switch? And am I right about the trade-off??