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Thread: Interesting/Useful Boxing Youtube Channels


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    Exclamation Interesting/Useful Boxing Youtube Channels

    Boxing Youtube Channels

    Hi everyone. Andre suggested a really good idea about having a thread listing everyone's favorite interesting boxing youtube channels.

    I'll start off by sharing my favorites, and if there are any other good ones that that you know of, then please by all means post it here.
    Hopefully this will provide many of you with some interesting channels to subscribe to.

    Saddoboxing's own resident trainer, Scrap's channel. Full of some excellent drills/exercises that'll improve your boxing.

    Here you'll find interesting training and fight footage. There are some of Scrap in there as well.

    on Lipton, boxing trainer, and former sparring partner to several great fighters, such as Dick Tiger, Emile Griffith, and Rubin Carter. He's a wonderful human being.
    You'll find interesting television clips with Ron, and some excellent punching power tips as well.

    This has interviews with Ron Lipton, and some cool training tips by Ron himself. The Frankie DePaula tribute was very nice.

    Icelandic boxing coach, Dadi Astthorsson's channel. He's one of the most knowledgeable and sharp guys that I know. His boxing analysis videos are fascinating.

    Neill Ryan, owner of's channel.
    Derek Roche, 3 time British welterweight champ's boxing tips are definitely worth watching.

    Full of training clips from a large assortment of boxing instructionals. The Don Familton videos can be found there as well.

    Here's my channel. The InThisCorner clips in found in there are some of my favorite around. You get some excellent fighters talk shop and go over some of the the things that made them stand out from the pack.
    The Kostya Tszyu training clips are interesting as well.

    Share your favorites today!
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