Ok It's been a while since I've posted on here.

Have been trying to avoid procrastination but realized recently I have more motivation to have a healthy lifestyle when i'm reading and writing about it. I guess it just keeps it in the forefront of my brain so when i am tempted by that damn chcolate box which is a permanent evil fixture in my office I have some reason to resist. I have been loosing the fight lately .

So my aims are very different to when i last started a training log. Also my age unfortunately!

I'm 30 on Nov 23rd (ouch!) and trying to cement some firm goals.

My gym is not a boxing gym. It's a cheap uni student gym with nice equipment and one of the few left in Adelaide that risk having a boxing bag - a lot of other gyms seem to be terrified of being liable for someone hurting themselves.

I found last week when i was there one morning it was just easier to get into the mood to train by following an old boxing routine - my body seems to remember how to be active when i do that regardless of how much i wish i'd stayed in bed and how sluggish i feel. So that's going to be part of my training.

One aim for me would be to correct some bad habits i developed towards the end of my time as a competitive boxer. I also want to be just as balanced as a South paw as in Orthodox. For me boxing not about competition any more but symmetry and balance and i just want to keep some skills in case i find myself in a position where i need to defend myself.

A ran into my first kickboxing coach about a month ago. Tac was awesome, even tempered, a good communicator and close to my size. i'd like to go train at his new gym but it's a bit pricey at $60 a week or $20 for one casual visit so i'm holding off on that for a while. Right now I'm saving up for a deposit on a unit that is being built and trying to train myself to be a major tight arse. Alas I still fail occasionally buying a non-essential magazine or coffee but I'm trying.

Another thing that has changed since i last came is that i am now engaged. My partner Adam is just as crazy as I was when i was his age - 4 years younger - and has just left to ride his trike 22,000 kms from Adelaide to the next World Jamboree in Sweden.

He's been a scout pretty much forever and intends to camp and trike unsupported with a friend of his. He was planning this long before he met me about a year and a half ago and i was planning to buy myself a place so it's not that weird for me to be left here to save up for my unit alone. He will help out when he comes back but the onus is on me for now.

The nutter has a blog on another site called Crazy Guy on a Bike but he's actually on a trike. I can't handle the idea of being a fat heffalump when he gets back all fit and hot looking from triking 22,000 kms and i am still a little competitive. Now our fitness is not that different and i don't want to be the unfit one when he gets back. Right now i'm still in my ideal weight range according to my sister's wee fit but i would like to loose a couple of kilos.

Last year i attempted the NorthFace 100. This is a 100 km trail run in NSW. I only got to the 56 km mark. That's the hardest part over but i want to finish it. Unfortunately, my inexperience in carrying enough food and handling such huge slopes - very deep steps which required me lowering myself with my arms in a lot of places and feeling nervous of the heights etc meant i didn't feel like it was a good idea to finish the course as a solo entrant in the dark. i was also very cold as i'd run out of energy on the last leg i did and made it thanks to the kind donations of jellybeans from another competitor who was walking. I wouldn't leave him behind after that so i walked too and having always been a cold woss when the sun went down and the cold set in i just couldn't get warm.

I am considering attempting it again this year but probably next year. I think i want to do it well and it's not realistic to think i can get that much stronger between now and May.

So i'm planning to do other trail running events with boxing as a cross training activity just in my own gym to work my way up to it.

I also have to finish my Phd while my fiance is away. I'm working full time and when i met him i kinda forgot about it but it still weighs on my mind so i just want it gone. After that i might start judo again as i think that is very useful self defence wise. In order to do that i need to keep my pilates up though because i think i need the extra back protection of good core muscles to do it safely with my back being my weakest link.

So day one - did 5 km on the rower at the gym this morning. Meeting up with a running group tonight - not sure yet of what were doing but this group is doing runs through the hills more with daylight savings on a the moment which i enjoy.