10 mins rower

Then set a new timer to go off for 2 min rounds with 30 seconds break. It was a bit quiet so sometimes I didn't hear it beeping for the break (it beeps for the whole 30 secs) but I don't mind that - i'd rather do an extra 10 secs than disturb other people with the noise.

Skipping X 3 rounds
Footwork - X 2 rounds orthodox, X 2 rounds southpaw
X 1 round orthodox shadow
X 2 more rounds southpaw footwork
X 3 rounds orthodox shadow
X 2 rounds on the bag

Chest stretch with band and fit ball hamstring stretch to finish off.

Only had an hour this morning - was actually up on time but a family member who was driving to gym with me wasn't ready so didn't get a long session in.

Technical notes
- Am getting a bit of fatigue in the rear leg when doing southpaw footwork - hip flexor area i think. I have noticed on the my siter's wi fit my weight tends to be back to my right. i've obviously developed the habit of leaving more of my weight on my rear foor in orthodox. Southpaw should be good for me then.
- I found myself 'pushing' the bag - not sure why - perhaps i'm not turning my fist enough and i'm pushing instinctively to compenstate for not having my shoulder in a good position? Or maybe i'm lifting my elbow too early due to not anchoring my punches properly with good footwork?
- I think i know why i was having footwork issues last week - apart from being too automated - i think i was moving my head a little ahead of my body. I don't have the same problem when i stop doing that. Another bad habit i will work on correcting.