I went MMA and it was brilliant! We did just stand up so suited me well as im just a pure boxer. Straight off i sparred with the trainer and he didn't hold back he gave me his best and when i could land i give him some good shots too. I ended up having a nose bleed but we carried on (I'd had one previously so it wasnt a surprise) now i was just wondering does this usually happen? Do you usually go full on with the best guy there who in this case was the trainer. Any body had this experience? I sparred some of the other guys but i mostly got the better of them and one guy i just traded with and he loved it! Said i was "hard as nails" caught him with a shot and he had to stop because he couldn't see! It was great fun but i was just wondering has anyone had the same experience going to an MMA gym and having to spar full on with there best? Today im bruised up it just got me thinking is this how its going to be every time?