ive figured out my style and im a pocket fighter, atleast thats how i feel comfortable fighting and thats how i get my best results. anyone have any info on this? or tips? or tapes or videos i could find on how to pocket fight?

i mean vidoes on technique, head movement in the pocket, pocket defense, anything, even fights or specific fighters i could watch who do this well, etc..

very hard to find info on it. ive been watching a lot of mayweather and winky wright trying to pick up on what they do.. but its hard to try to simulate it while shadowboxing or on the bag, especially when a lot of it is checking the jab and countering over it which right now i SUCK at

the hardest part is learning the defense, (like i said parrying the jab and countering it with a jab) especially when a lot of the trainers at my gym are busy training fighters bc theres a fight at my gym in a couple weeks. and by defense i mean learning what to look for in that mid range and how to counter it