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Poll: Star Trek v Star Wars

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Thread: Star Treck v Star Wars

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    Default Re: Star Treck v Star Wars

    Which one of you two is going to be Princess Laila?
    Do not let success go to your head and do not let failure get to your heart.

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    Default Re: Star Treck v Star Wars

    "What do you mean, I won't be needing one Spock?"

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    If God wanted us to be vegetarians, why are animals made of meat ?

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    Default Re: Star Treck v Star Wars

    Quote Originally Posted by Master View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Spicoli View Post
    I'm a Pack rat and still have everything "toy" wise from all three original movies! A shit load of the large scale action figures, all of it. It takes up bookoo space in the attic of my folks. The real shitty thing is that when they moved and had it all packed, the dumbass Mayflower moving company threw away the original BOXES and used their own Been thinking about putting it all on E bay but that def has to kill the $$.
    You should sue, they are practically worthless now, you might as well give them to Matty and Kabong to play with now.
    Update, found a collectors who offered me 1k for a pair of foot tall Jawas with all accessories and only if they had original felt cloak things . Would have been more if still sealed in box .

    Few years ago found out most of collection was "missing" from Pops attic. Sister swore up and down her boyfriend came in one night when house was empty on a weekend and "one of his workers accidently" piled it into their trucks thinking it was other boxed up stuff being donated. Didn't know it for a year. Low and behold by then "worker friend" had moved away I was told. Peckerwood boyfriend was so so sorry and should have realized. Sis didn't know anything. Mm hmm. Part of me actually wished they were mistakenly given to Goodwill or Swap meet and some random kid got a mint Land Speeder for just .99 cents. Right. Never told my old man about that when I found out. He woulda called bullshat 10 times quicker than I did. Well this took a turn . Hey feck it I still have the original Hot Wheel sets and old baseball and nfl cards.

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