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Yea they sell everything to you as a convenience. How much faster and easier this and that is for your benefit. It's one reason they are pushing towards a cashless society. Everything you buy will be tracked, there will basically be black market (other forms of trade will need to be instituted). Things are introduced as a positive, until society accepts them as commonplace. So that when it is rolled out, there is very little fight back. Micro chipping your pets for example, it is a common thing these days and has been sold to the public as a good thing. Once they move to trying to chip the public they will use similar tactics, that it is convenient, faster and easier and a benefit to us. Most of the sheep wll go along willingly.
We're already chipped with each stroke and click we make. Like idiots having complete conversations with a speaker device and each of us carry our own little personal data farming device right in out pockets. Now on pets I've seen nearly constant good come of micro chipping especially when half of us are staring down into our phones while Fido is slipping a lead at some roadside rest stop. We found so many after major hurricanes like that. It's an awesome feeling when someone brings in a lost dag and then reuniting them with a balling owner. In fairness though not all lost pet owners ball, far from it, and I've seen a few cases where we've homed them with the ones who rescued them .
You are right we are basically already chipped to a degree. With every card or phone purchase we make as well, all our online active is more than likely logged and our phones and things like Alexa are listening and recording us.

Don't get me wrong, I also can be susceptible to the ease of using a card or phone to buy something, over carrying a wallet full of notes and change. Like I said, they fool as by presenting it to us as a benefit, how we benefit from this or that.

I can also see the benefit of tracking your pet, especially if lost or in an emergency. But there are other ways to do this without putting in a chip. I wouldn't chip my child for example, even if it may help track them in an emergency. In the case of an emergency, these days nearly everyone has a phone, you also try to plan for the worst if something happens, have a meeting place, discuss evact routes, get to higher ground, what family members houses are closest in these situations, locations of hospitals and A&Es etc.

I only bring up the pet chipping, as it is being used to make the public comfortable with it and a common thing, so that when they move (they already have in some cases) to try to chip people, the majority will have been around it for the last 20 -30 years, and will say, "I've seen nothing wrong with how it has worked with pets, it's actually beneficial to me".