Last year I had traveled to Cuba to train boxing (I did so legally from Miami to Havana). Since 1972, Cuba has earned more Olympic medals in boxing than any other country in the world. The United States is a boxing powerhouse - but due to the embargo, Cuba's boxing techniques and training concepts are a secret to most American fighters.

Some Americans that manage to visit Cuba try to smuggle out cigars or rum... I smuggled out boxing secrets! I got to train with legendary boxing coach Carlos Miranda. Coach Miranda was very different than most boxing coaches I had worked with prior. He has a serious wisdom… he is a guru… he is the Cuban Mr. Miyagi of boxing! I compare him to Mr. Miyagi because every sentence that came out of his mouth was enlightening. I would hang out after the training sessions and sit back with him in the shade and talk for hours about boxing, combat, coaching, and even philosophy… and I learned more about boxing in those few hours talking than I had learned in years of training!

Amongst many principles and concepts he shared with me in those conversations, he introduced to me a very simple system for shadow boxing and practicing technique that revolutionized the way my team now practices striking – and even grappling. The system is so darn simple and when you hear it, it makes perfect sense… but I have never been to a gym that practices shadow boxing in this exact manner. Don’t get me wrong… there are definitely champions that utilize these principles – but I haven’t seen it taught systematically the way it was explained to me.

Ok Avellan, so what's the secret? I could type it out but I think video would help get the message across best! I have been using this system for over a year now and have not shared it publicly. I showed this system to a few colleagues at a seminar, which included world champion trainers Greg Nelson, Adam and Rory Singer, Lloyd Irvin, and UFC veterans and BJJ Black Belts Marcus Aurelio, Tim Credeur, Alberto Crane, Shawn Williams, and a dozen or so others that were in attendance. However, this is the first time I put this information out to the public… the secret is out!

In a few days I’ll post part II – stay tuned!

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