Firstly, hello! New to these forums and new to boxing!

I'm a 19 year old male from Northern Ireland and I'm starting university next week. I used to play football and field hockey but have stopped playing them now. I've decided to take up boxing as I enjoy watching it (Ricky Hatton is my favourite boxer of all time) and it seems like a great way to keep fit.

I've been in contact with the local boxing gym and they have said I can come down any night they are open to get a feel for the place and decide when to have my first training session - so that's a good start!

So yea not to ramble on too much... I'll be posting any sort of training that I do here but I'm also hoping to use this as motivation for my training. In the past I've not stuck at things due to confidence issues (which I won't go into) so I'm hoping that you guys will pester and pester me to keep going and work hard! The plan is to go down to the gym next Thursday and then I'll go from there!

Went out on a 3 mile run tonight, didn't find it too bad but struggled towards the end - we all have to start somewhere! I'm going to try and run every day where possible.

Thanks guys